Patti Marine Enterprises

If you were one of the first vessel owners to take delivery of a “PATTI BUILT” vessel back in 1977 and you came back today, chances are you’d still recognize most of the faces.

Since those early days, we’ve taken the principle that we were founded on, an unyielding desire to build the best vessel, and we’ve augmented it with the skills we’ve honed over the years.

The PATTI family are the only shipbuilders to have been awarded the Department of the Army – Certificate of Appreciation for Patriotic Civilian Service, an award they received twice. They also been selected for three WorkBoat Significant Vessel Awards over the last nine years, further cementing their status as the premier small shipyard in the U.S.

There really is a higher quality product out there, and that product is being built at PATTI Marine Enterprises. We invite you to visit our facility to see for yourself.